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El Cubano Cigars Australia is an Australian based online cigar business. All cigars on our website have been imported via a broker and stored in a Safe vault in Victoria Australia. You can be Assured when purchasing a Cigar form El Cubano Cigars Australia, you will receive only authentic cigars. We are proud to offer a wide range of Cuban Cigars, Non Cuban Cigars and Cigar accessories for all your needs. We will and have sourced New Boutique Cigars and Well known Cigars from All over the World to you the Australian Cigar Connoisseur’s….
PO BOX 80, Deer Park Victoria Australia
+61 414400982

All enquiries will be dealt with in confidence and any questions will be answered.

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Australia Wide Shipping

Each Box or packet of Cigars will be delivered shrink wrapped eliminating damage to the Cigars. Once you receive your order and have unpacked the box, we do strongly encourage you to rest your cigars in your humidor (16-18C (60-65F), 65-70% RH) upon arrival.

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